Boy Who Loves Dinosaurs Is Speechless When T-Rex Comes to a Birthday Party

When you are a child, birthday parties become some of the most epic memories of our lives. One little three-year-old boy named Keisen was supposed to have a birthday that falls once in a lifetime.

Keisen loves dinosaurs and his parents decided to throw a ‘Three Rex’ party in his honor. Throughout the house, there was a cake with dinosaurs and themed. However, nothing could compare to what was going on outside!

Kaisen is showering in a bubble machine as his father introduces a special guest. An amazing T-Rex doll with a trainer walks right down the sidewalk.

Keisen looks a little worried, but quickly walks over and pets the dinosaur. His mom, Daisy, helps him get comfortable, and in the end, Keisen kisses the Tyrannosaurus rex right on the nose!

Soon other dinosaurs began to arrive at the party. Daisy said: “His reaction was much more than his dad or I expected! There are some great photos of our toddler holding little dinosaurs.”

He even took a leash and walked the tyrannosaurus rex throughout the party. Later, the kids danced with the dinosaurs at a wild prehistoric dance party! Scientists have yet to prove whether dinosaurs could actually dance!

This is a wonderful video that shows the true joy of being a child. Kaisen thinks that these are real dinosaurs who came to his party to celebrate with him!

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