Before joining the angels, the gorilla touchingly said goodbye to the zookeeper who had saved her 14 years ago.

Gorilla Ndasaki became world famous after taking a selfie with a national park ranger in Congo. There she stood up to her full height and began to pose in front of the camera like a human.

Ndasaki met Andre back in 2007, when he and other park workers freed the two-months-old baby gorilla from the lifeless body of his mother, who was killed by hunters.

The baby was taken to the Wild Animal Rescue Center at the national park. There, Ndasaki lived with another orphaned gorilla, Ndeze. They were too weak and could not survive in their natural habitat alone.

In the Center they were provided with food and comfortable, close-to-wild conditions.

Andre did not forget about the rescued gorilla and regularly visited her, and so, Ndasaki, one might say, grew up before his eyes. The monkey became very attached to his guardian. This man, in fact, replaced her family.

The gorilla was seriously ill for a long time. In September, her health became sharply worse. Apparently, Ndasaki herself felt that her end was near. And dying 14-year-old huge gorilla came to his faithful friend. On October 7, she breathed her last in the arms of Andre Baum, the man who once saved her.

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