Animal rights activists found an injured dog in the middle of a garbage heap … The animal kept a man from doing business.

Often, stray dogs live around factories in the hope that people will feed them, and they, in gratitude, will be faithful and reliable guards. Dog Boy and his friend also decided to stick to one industrial facility, but the owner of the enterprise, for some reason, decided to get rid of the unfortunate animals.

One morning on social networks, users started sharing a call to save two beaten dogs found in a trash can. Volunteers rushed to help and, unfortunately, failed to save the life of one of them.

Caring people from different parts of the country did their best to make baby Boy recover. Some helped with medicines, others with money, others provided moral support. The dog was slowly but surely getting better.

Now Boy is a real healthy handsome guy, not even remotely resembling that downtrodden dog from the landfill. The experienced stress did not embitter the dog, he is still very kind, sociable and affectionate. He’s glad to meet new people trusts them.

Now Boy lives in the house of a volunteer who took pity on him and came to help, and the dog thanks her with love and loyalty. The girl assures that her dog is the kindest, bravest and most devoted. And we are very glad that everything ended well and Boy will no longer have to endure the horrors that he had to endure. And we really hope that the knackers who treat animals cruelly will be punished to the fullest extent.

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