An old lady married a 19-year-old boy and they adore each other

The story of 72-year-old American Amelda Errelli may surprise everyone. The mother of 4 children and grandmother of 6 grandchildren was happily married to a 19-year-old guy called Gary! The “sweet couple” aren’t embarrassed by the huge age difference and are just crazy about each other. But is everything so smooth in this unequal marriage, and does this relationship have a future?

Amelda and Gary first met two years ago at the funeral of the woman’s eldest son. As Gary admits, he was already head over heels in love with Amelda and was waiting to get to know her better. Soon he did – he saw his beloved in a restaurant and decided to talk to her.

Since then, the future spouses have hardly been apart. Gary was so in love with Amelda that he decided to propose to her just two weeks after they met. She said yes!

“You know, I had been married for 43 years, but I didn’t feel happy. And Gary showed me how beautiful and multi-faceted love can be! There is so much tenderness, warmth and passion in him that I just lose my head,” the woman admits in her video blog.

Also, Amelda does not hide the fact that her 19-year-old husband is just a great lover.

“We became close only after the wedding. Gary turned out to be an amazing lover , ”said the woman.

Amelda does not doubt the feelings of her young husband and believes that they have a future. But the relatives of the American woman are sure of something else: they are afraid that the boy is simply hunting for the legacy of his elderly wife. This point of view greatly offends 19-year-old Gary.

“My feelings are sincere. I note that I have always fallen in love with older women, and before Amelda I had a 77-year-old girlfriend, ”the young man said.

It is worth noting that the age difference between Gary and Amelda is as much as 53 years! In addition, Gary is the youngest of all 6 grandchildren of his elderly wife.

“If you really love, then age is just a number!” Amelda says.

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