An eight-year-old refugee boy refused to leave his injured dog and stayed with him until the end.

An eight-year-old boy who was a refugee declined to abandon his injured dog and remained by its side until the very end.


Hussein al-Hassan is eight years old. The boy was born in Syria, but the war forced him and his family to relocate to Turkey. This child has shown the world what true kindness is and that the desire to help others does not depend on income and opportunities; it comes from the heart.

Hussein noticed a dog lying in the middle of the road. The animal had been hit by a car. The boy managed to drag the animal off the road, then ran home and brought a blanket to cover the injured animal. He sat with the dog until a veterinarian’s car stopped nearby, which had been called by adults.

Hussein said that from the window of his house, he saw a car hit a dog. He immediately ran outside to help the animal.

The house where Hussein’s family lived was cold, but he didn’t hesitate to spare his blanket and brought it to cover the dog.

The boy sat down next to the dog, stroking it and talking to it to calm it down a little.

Unfortunately, the dog’s injuries were very serious and the doctors’ efforts were unsuccessful. Hussein was unable to save the dog, but he did everything he could to ensure that the animal did not feel lonely and frightened in its final moments.

Many neighbors saw what the child did, and soon the whole town was talking about this news. Even the deputy mayor came to thank Hussein for his kindness.

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