An average mongrel dog from China gave birth to puppies that looked incredibly like pandas.

Sometimes, nature presents surprises that even the wildest human imagination couldn’t dream of. Let us present one of these incredible stories and you will see how wonderful the animal world can be. Some can even express your mystical versions of what happened, since this does not fit in the framework of the rational.

In one of the eastern provinces of China, namely in Jiangsu, a mongrel became a mother of very cute puppies. You may say ”All the puppies are like that, aren’t they?” They are, indeed, but these were unique, for both in body and color they resembled real panda cubs.

The owner of the dog, a woman named Ling Su, could not understand why they were born so special, because both their mom and dad are average gray mongrels.

Later, the press found out about the birth of unusual dogs and interest in them became unexpectedly great. The news about them spread throughout the country, and then, thanks to the global network, all over the world.

And the puppies bring an immense amount of positive emotions to their owner. Experts claim that they aren’t able to understand the breed of the puppies. They agreed upon the idea that these are the most common mongrel puppies, and their coloring is attributed to pure chance.

There’s a whole army of those who want to own the puppies that look like pandas, only current owner doesn’t intend to sell or give them away.

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