An anonymous person donates 70,000 euros to a shelter to prevent its closure and save over 300 animals

Running an animal welfare centre can mean raising significant capital. Food, care, the right infrastructure to care for future pets represent costs that may exceed any administrative costs, but will no longer be an issue for the shelter of the Society of Catalonia.

The staff at the animal care centre based in Torredembarra, Societat Protectora D’Animals De Catalunya – SPAC , in eastern Spain, could not believe what was happening. And it is that receiving anonymously a contribution that solves the typical problems of this dynamic does not happen every day.

The shelter received 70,000 euros

Societat Protectora D'Animals De Catalunya - SPAC

“We are not dreaming,” said a shelter member when the sum of 70,000 euros was cashed as a cheque. Professionals struggled to meet the unsung hero. To date, it has not been possible to find out who it was.

Shelter dogs SPAC

The shelter, which has been running for more than 25 years, had a debt of around €120,000. Which was collected after receiving the contribution mentioned above, combined with contributions from several people involved in the care of the animals.

Today, more than 300 animals receive professional attention. Cats, dogs, poultry, goats, pigs, a horse and a donkey are cared for and looked after in an exemplary way. Its owner admits that consideration was being given to closing the centre due to economic problems.

ORIÓN shelter dog SPAC

“They gave us the 70,000 euros we needed to reach the figure of 120,000 that they are asking us for so that we can pay the entry fee to sell the land. Unbelievable, but a fact. We can’t dream of it,” those in charge of the protector shared on their social media, “We stay in protest! Our animals are saved!” added employees of the Society for the Protection of Animals of Catalonia.


Having suffered an economic collapse, this centre has gone from twilight to a thriving state of solvency. Although this anonymous hero is still in the shadows, he can rest easy knowing that he has realised the dream of many.

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