An 11-year-old girl has become a real mum to her brothers

Fate is not very lenient towards these children. Despite her young age, this girl has shouldered too much. When she was 11, her father died and her mother left her and her brothers.

The girl, however, did not despair and decided to take all this burden on herself and take care of the rest of the children.

She does all the housework alone: washing, cooking and cleaning.

The sister takes the brothers to school every day and helps them with their homework.

She is busy from morning till night, she has no time to complain and despair.

The uncle offered to adopt them, but the girl and her brothers only went to live with him.

The girl takes care of her brothers on her own because she doesn’t want to be a burden and a nuisance to her uncle and his family.

Surprisingly, even these difficulties did not break the girl, she continued to study and studied well and diligently.

The school in turn also helped the girl and her family by organising a fundraiser to help this poor family.

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