American woman loses 100kg to become a mother: How her life has changed

Two years ago, the 29-year-old from the United States weighed more than 300kg. She deliberately came to this weight in order to set a world record. At some point she realised that she no longer wanted to be the “fattest woman in the world”, but wanted simple maternal happiness. So she had to take serious care of her health.

In 2016, Monica’s weight reached 312 kilograms. Every day she consumed 10 thousand calories and slowly but surely approached the Guinness record. Doctors discovered that Monica had polycystic ovaries, which only helped to gain extra pounds.

One day, the girl realized that she wanted to give birth to her beloved child. However, overweight and pregnancy were incompatible. Moreover, the previously diagnosed polycystic disease did not at all increase her chances of motherhood.

Nevertheless, Monica managed to get pregnant and even twice, but both times she could not bear the kids. The girl was very hard going through the pain of loss and the understanding that she might never become a mother.

When Riley found out about her third pregnancy in March 2017, she immediately knew that she needed to act decisively. She abandoned the goal of setting a world record and radically changed her lifestyle.

Monica began to exercise and eat only healthy food, completely eliminating fast food. During pregnancy, she managed to lose 80 kilograms. However, bearing a child was not easy for her. Her former lifestyle, which left its imprints on her health, affected her: preeclampsia, gestational diabetes.

Monica had a caesarean at 33 weeks. So her daughter Michelle appeared in her life, whose weight at birth was about 2 kilograms. The baby was born with congenital heart and lung problems. A little more than a month she had to stay in the hospital under the supervision of doctors.

Riley said that she will monitor her daughter’s nutrition so that she does not make her mistakes. The woman is sure that it was not in vain that she retreated in the fight for the title of “the fattest woman in the world” and the opportunity to get into the Guinness Book of Records. After all, she received much more – a daughter who gave her life meaning.

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