After a big dog called Goya taught a little girl called Belle to walk, it celebrates its ‘greatest doggy day’.

She is an ordinary 11-year-old girl who lives with an unusual disease.

A few years ago, her family was told what to expect because their daughter would not be able to move around freely.

However, the family did not give up. Then Goya entered their home, radically changing Belle’s life.

Since then Belle and Goya have become very close friends. Their bond is very strong.

The dog helps the girl to get around and allows her to travel anywhere because it is her guide dog.

Goya has earned Belle’s respect by doing its job, and now they are practically inseparable.

One day Belle decided that it was time for her devoted friend to take a nap. She wanted to thank Goya for all it had done for her.

The website staff promised to plan a ‘better day’ for Goya after hearing about Belle’s experience.

Belle had many suggestions about how the two of them could have fun together.

The grateful child wanted to express her gratitude for all that Goya does for her.

Thanks to Goya, Belle no longer needs a wheelchair to get around.

She loves the independence the dog gives her and the sense of closeness they share.

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