Abandoned at the altar, the fat bride took revenge on her fiance

Left at the altar, the plump bride sought revenge against her fiancé.


Jane has always had quite lush forms. Almost at the altar, her fiancé broke up with her. The reason was her weight. However, the pretty fat girl did not get upset, but simply decided to start her life with a new leaf.

It took Jane a year to make huge changes to her appearance. She changed from a size 22 to a size 10, and said goodbye to weighing a hundred kilos. She’s now half that weight.

The beauty feels much more confident. She once met her ex-fiancé in the street. But he didn’t recognize her. But the guy was very interested in her figure. Jane didn’t even say hello to him and decided to remain unrecognizable.

The girl is sure that her ex-fiancé will realise who he has lost and feel sorry for it.

Jane is now surprised to think of her old life with her bodacious body. She doesn’t understand why her ex-fiancé would be interested in her at all. At the time, her figure was very far from ideal. She ate enormous quantities of pasta, buns and sandwiches.

In fact, Jane had always wanted to lose weight. But she didn’t have the proper motivation. But when the man she loved treated her so badly, she was determined to prove to him that he had lost a pretty girl, not a fat one.

Six months after her amazing transformation, Jane has entered into a relationship with her former classmate. Chris idolises his friend and supports her in all her endeavours.

Jane believes she was missing a lot in her relationship with her ex, which is why she was eating, sublimating the missing emotion into the pleasure of food.

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