A woman saved 13 lives by posting on social media.

A girl named Cassandra Clark saw a husky dog ​​on the balcony of a house in Dallas, and at that time, the dog at least had space to move, even though it was not large enough.

And then she saw that the dog was already in a cage. She wrote on the social network that she had seen the dog sitting on the balcony in a cage and at first she did not care. But then she noticed that the dog was wearing a metal muzzle. Then she noticed the dog at the entrance without anything to drink in hot weather.

Then the unfortunate animal was locked in an extremely small cage and left alone. The girl was walking her pets and heard the dog whining and thought that she was back in the cage.

The girl realized that she could not leave the animal in such a state and tried to do everything to help her. She called the veterinarians, and they said that they could come within 24 hours, the girl was scared that the husky would not be able to withstand so much and decided to do it herself. She wrote a status on Facebook and the reaction made her happy. There were a large number of people who were ready to help the animal.

The Dallas Veterinary Service arrived and discovered 12 more animals that lived in a cramped apartment and needed to be rescued urgently.

Cassandra admitted that this fact shocked her and she was absolutely disgusted. She wrote that 13 animals lived there, and the husky was severely malnourished. Among the 13 inhabitants of the ill-fated apartment was a second husky and several kittens.

If not for the attention and kind heart of the girl, then the unfortunate pets would still be kept in terrible conditions.

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