A woman builds an exotic zoo with different kinds of animals inside her house to save them from the cold

At the end of the winter, the Texians faced a catastrophe when the state was hit by a snowstorm and frost unprecedented to the region.

Austin, Texas: Carly’s Critter Camp’s founder, Carly Henry, moved dozens of animals of all colors and sizes to her house for a month to protect them from the weather.

Carly felt like she was well prepared for a natural disaster.

She’s got provisions, home heaters, animal enclosures.

But when the hurricane hit, the power plants went out, and the power went out.

Without human help, all animals would have died. So Carly started bringing reptiles and babies, one by one, for whom extreme cold was especially dangerous.

It was only when all the animals that could have been seriously affected by the frost were under the roof of her house that Carly could breathe again.

Her small dwelling has become a refuge for dogs, giant tortoises, a goatling, a young lamb, leopard, crested geckos, bearded dragons, a chameleon, a tree frog, a patterned snake, and several royal pythons.

Astonishingly, it was as if, having felt the danger that awaited them outside the walls of the temporary shelter, all living beings had come together under one roof and behaved very peacefully.

They sat by the fireplace in the living room, literally crawling over each other, and they didn’t even think to fight.

The neighbors, knowing how difficult it was for the family, brought food and tried to help with the work at the orphanage.

Spring has already begun in Austin. The sun is shining, and all the animals are back in their enclosures.

The family is very grateful to the neighbors, without their help it would be very difficult for them.

They have become so close to some of them that they are now in constant contact.

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