A wild zebra and a donkey from a farm fell in love. The result was an adorable baby.

Not only ages are submissive to love, but also species, and a zebra from Africa with her lover served a vivid proof of this.

A young zebra lived with her fellow tribesmen in one of the Kenyan national parks. However, last spring, she separated from the herd and decided to take a walk.

Without becoming a victim of predators only thanks to a miracle, she decided to join the herd of cows on a local farm. The zebra was sweet and friendly, and it was for this reason that the farmers did not shoo her away, but in any case they informed the staff of the reserve about her whereabouts.

Some time later, wildlife fund workers came for her. They took the runaway zebra and took it to the proper place. She was not trying to run away anymore. However, farmers still regularly met her in the vicinity.

And some time later, she came to the farm with her baby. The baby had limbs with a pattern inherent in zebras, and the body and ears were like those of a donkey. According to experts, it was a rare hybrid of a zonka – a cross between a donkey and a zebra.

Prior to this, zonkas were born only in special facilities, when they were crossed by breeders, and were not born out of love, as in this case. The kid, for safety reasons, was not brought into the herd, but was left on the farm, where he became a real celebrity.


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