A veteran of the Vietnam War, before passing away in a hospice, wished to hug his beloved dog for the last time.

Vietnam War veteran John Vincent knew he didn’t have much time left, and before drawing his last breath, he asked for a hug from his beloved dog. The wish of the 97-year-old man was fulfilled and his pet was specially delivered to the hospice.

The man had no relatives left at all, and when he ended up in the hospice, there was no one to leave the dog with. He was given to the city shelter for homeless animals, but his owner kept the most cherished desire in his heart.

He was well aware that he did not have long to live in this world and his last wish, of course, was fulfilled.

The US Marine veteran always took his dog, Patch, everywhere with him. He even rode a motorcycle with him. Patch even had his own miniature goggles for such outings. The Animal Welfare Service could not miss this touching moment and took a couple of pictures from the meeting.

And recently, the shelter staff wrote on their page on the social network that some people already wanted to adopt the dog and, after completing the necessary documents, he will go to a new home. We hope that he will not miss his former owner much and that he will be just as loved in his new home.

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