A Russian woman saved the lives of two lynxes and now they live in her house and are friends with dogs.

The Russian woman Anastasia Poznyak has a large number of followers on Instagram. However, they do not follow the life of the girl herself, but her incredible pets.

She already has a kennel “Ris and Seven Khasyats” where two lynxes, three horses and eight dogs live. Nastya took her first lynx three years ago. She bought it from a fur farm, where these animals are bred as leather and fur for fur coats.

She named the lynx cub Geralt after one of the heroes of the famous TV series “The Witcher”. A year later, the girl adopted another lynx, which she named Bulochka.

At first she was a little worried that the lynxes would not get along with her pets, since she already kept dogs, six huskies, an Inuit and a laika, but they received Geralt very well and were patient with his pranks.

The horses also welcomed the new mustachioed guest well. Bulochka also adapted perfectly in the company of dogs and horses, as well as Geralt, who spends all his time with her, although in the wild, lynxes are usually solitary animals.

Interestingly, despite the fact that they have their own names, they most readily respond when called Cat.

Anastasia claims that lynx habits are something between cats and dogs. She was able to house train them, they got used to walking on a leash, are very friendly and never show aggression.

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