A puppy from a shelter with a birth defect comforts a boy with the same diagnosis and becomes his best friend

Bentley Boyers, a little boy from Jackson County, Michigan, visited an animal shelter near their home with his father in the hope of finding a new four-legged friend.

Upon seeing the adorable 2-month-old puppy, Bentley immediately knew they were made for each other.

The boy’s mother Ashley recalls ” My husband called me on FaceTime and said: ” Here’s a dog with a harelip.” I immediately replied, ‘Take it. We need him. ” For Bentley, having something in common with a puppy means a lot. He can grow up with the idea that he and the dog are alike.”

Ashley and Brandon, the boy’s parents, immediately decided to adopt a puppy. Without thinking twice, they immediately took their new pet to live in their home.

The boy was unlucky to be born with a pathology such as a wolf’s mouth, known as a harelip.

This slight appearance defect occurs while the foetus is still in foetal development due to the fact that the halves of the palate do not close.

After birth, the boy had to face some difficulties as he was unable to eat safely as other children did.

In such a short time, Bentley has already undergone more than one surgery to correct his palate and lips. The operations have been successful and the baby now lives a perfectly normal life, just like his other peers.

The puppy has not yet undergone surgery. According to the shelter management, there is no urgency.

This defect does not affect the quality of life of the puppy, who has become a rescue, a comfort and simply the boy’s best friend. Now they know each other and are happy !

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