A noble woman saved three wolf puppies from death

Tonya Littlewolf was fast asleep when the bell rang. An unfamiliar male voice was heard on the phone. The caller began to beg to save the puppies, who would die before morning if they were not urgently helped.

Later Tonya found out that the man was a gardener who worked for the breeder. The breeder considered the puppies underdeveloped and unhealthy, so she left the cage with them in the cold. There they would most likely freeze to death until morning.

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It turned out that these were wolf puppies. At that time they were only 12-13 days old. They haven’t eaten their mother’s milk for a day.

Tonya was familiar with this breeder. That’s why she called her to pick up the kids.

“I have three that I can’t sell. If you want, then take it right now,” the breeder replied to Tony’s request.

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The savior took the puppies and after the examination realized that they were in terrible condition! The babies were dirty, emaciated, all covered with parasites. They didn’t even know how to drink from a bottle. They needed treatment, care and attention.

The woman did everything she could. She slept next to them, fed them every two hours and did not leave them for a minute. When the puppies gained strength and grew up, Tonya handed them over to the reserve.

12 years have passed since they were rescued. The puppies have grown into adult wolves, who are very kind and friendly. Wolves love people and attention to them.

I would like to thank Tonya for not being afraid to take responsibility for three small lives. Thanks to her, the wolves survived.

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