A man has been swimming in a pool with a polar bear for over 20 years, they are best friends

A 68-year-old Canadian named Sam Dumas has gained international fame thanks to his original companion.

He has been friends for 24 years with a polar bear and often swims in the pool with it, which comes as a surprise guest.

Sam is a certified animal trainer who acquired a polar bear named Agee as a pet 24 years ago.

The female bear enjoys spending time with its owner and talks to him as if he belonged to its species.

The she-bear weighs more than 351 kilograms, and it has been surrounded by people since birth.

Sam personally oversaw its instruction.

The bear received its first job as a child in 1996, but today it is a movie and advertisement star.

The man has become so used to his bear that he can no longer imagine life without it.

According to him, polar bears can only live 36 years outside their natural habitat.

The she-bear is given everything it needs and enjoys the most luxurious living conditions. Who would have thought that such an amazing connection would happen?

Cool, isn’t it? Everyone would love to have such a unique pet.

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