A lonely dog sat in the snow and waited for her owners. She did not know that she was long forgotten.

There are legends about the devotion of a dog to its owner, confirmed by more than one hundred stories in real life. They are not capable of betrayal, therefore they themselves cannot understand and realize the fact that the once beloved owner abandoned them in “gratitude” for their love.

Carla was a kind and affectionate dog, and she could not understand that her beloved owners were able to leave her right in the snow. She was already cold, but still did not leave,. She sat and waited for the owners, in the hope that they would come.

People saw the dog sitting alone and contacted the animal rescue service, saying that Carla refuses to leave and is still waiting for her owners to take her. She sat like that for five whole days and waited…

Carla stopped trusting people and began to fear them. When approached by a person, she began to run away and hide. Volunteers put in a lot of effort to catch her.

She was very hungry, very emaciated and cold, so after a warm bath and some delicious food, she finally fell asleep soundly.

Carla ended up being adopted by kind people, and the former owners never showed up. Now the dog has recovered and feels great with the new owners, and we hope that she will never have to go through such stress again.

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