A little boy has been babysitting kittens since birth

A boy named Ash grew up surrounded by cats – his mother works at a shelter, and often takes fuzzies for temporary care. So the boy got used to cats from the first days, and over time he learned to take care of them sensitively and to love them unconditionally.

A boy named Ash from the USA is already two years old, but he has grown up with kittens since birth. His mother works for the Jersey Kitty Rescue Network, a rescue organization for cats, and often takes kittens in need of care to her for temporary care.

When the newborn Ash was brought home from the hospital two years ago, the family’s pet cat, Dan (Lt. Dan), was the first to meet him. They immediately became best friends. Then the baby made friends with other cats who were temporarily cared for by the family.

Everyone was interested in the new family member, and they were constantly watching him. “When he turned one year old, we allowed him to pet cats and communicate with them under our supervision. Ash was very attentive and gentle, and the cats adored him,” says Atina, the boy’s mother.

After some time, Ash began to help his mother with feeding the cats, constantly monitored them, and took care of them. When the boy grew up, his responsibility towards the fuzzies also grew. The boy carefully and sensitively showed them his love.

Now Ash is two, and he is the mother’s main assistant in caring for cats and kittens. There is always mutual love between him and the kittens, which is felt at one glance. Take a look at the little animal lover:

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