A high school student saved money for two years to buy a gift for a friend.

A high school student saved money for 2 years to make a gift for his disabled friend.


High school students Tanner and Brandon from Arkansas are best friends. Brandon is disabled and can only move around in a wheelchair.

Every day, Tanner would see how much effort his friend put into pushing the wheels with his hands. He would quickly get tired and couldn’t travel long distances.

Tanner decided to save money to buy an electric wheelchair for his friend. He worked part-time after school and, over the course of two years, accumulated the necessary amount for the gift.

When he brought the electric wheelchair to school, Brandon was surprised and thrilled. Now, all he had to do was press a button with his finger to move around.

When Brandon was asked if he was happy with the gift, the young man replied, “Absolutely, 100 percent!”

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