A girl shelters 200 different animals in her house

Adri Rachelle is a 30-year-old American woman who has loved animals since she was a child. After a while, she realised that she wanted to make animal rescue her life’s work, and now she has 200 animals living in her home who once needed help.

Adri Rachelle, 30, from Atlanta, USA, founded her own Wild Things Sanctuary after years of rescuing animals who were in desperate need of help. She has always dreamed of helping animals and she has made it happen – she now has around 200 animals in her home who have survived thanks to her.

“I realised that this was more than just a hobby for me. It has been the story of my life since I was a little girl, and at some point I decided to officially choose helping animals as my main business. Helping them gives my life purpose, and that reward far outweighs all the time, money and sadness that running an animal shelter can bring,” says the girl.

The girl spends huge sums on caring for and building houses for the animals. She hopes for future support from people, but admits that her shelter is brand new, so she is prepared for the investment.

“The running costs right now, starting with building permanent structures, fencing and so on, are huge. Feed bills average $1,300 a month. Care and vets are $10,000. Setting up the shelter in the last year has cost about $50,000,” says Adri.

The girl rescues all the animals she is able to keep – dogs, cats, horses, steers, birds, lizards, and many more. Each of them has a different story – some were abandoned by their owners, some were abandoned after injuries, others were abused, others were simply homeless and no one wanted to take them in. Adri opened her heart and home to these animals.

Despite the difficult moments, Adri doesn’t call her job ‘work’ – she is devoted to it with all her heart. She takes care of the animals every day from 7am to night and her love for it is unwavering. She runs Instagram, where she posts photos of her shelter life, and will continue to inspire more people to help animals in need in this way.

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