A couple rescued four abandoned kittens and helped them find loving families

Matt Garza and his wife were walking in the park when they came across four helpless kittens. At that moment, the couple decided they were not going to leave them here! They were immediately taken home, fed and cleaned. These babies were probably left there by their mother’s owner.

They were exhausted, so they followed the couple when they saw them. They recognised the humans for food and safety.

“We heard these little cubs. Suddenly out of the woods they come running to us. So we took them home, fed them and started thinking about what to do with them.”

The couple shared the rescue video on YouTube in the hope that someone would take the kittens in and give them forever homes. Luckily, a few weeks later all the kittens were placed with new loving families.

Special thanks to Matt Garza and his wife for saving the kittens and helping them find a home forever. We are so happy that you two were in the right place at the right time!! We are glad to know that they have been rescued and adopted.

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