A Cambodian dad handmade a fancy backpack for his son

Sadly, our world is not all pretty and rosy. It is no secret that many people live in such poverty that they cannot buy what we take for granted.

Some people don’t have enough food, let alone school supplies for a child. But education is so important to them. Even though they have to live under adverse conditions, they appreciate the knowledge that school can give them! But let’s change the tone slightly from minor to major: there is always room for good stories. One was shared by Sofus Swan from Cambodia. A teacher in Cambodia told the story of a boy whose father decided to save money on a backpack.

“But my dad made it himself!”

When 5-year-old Nai Keng arrived at school, the teacher immediately noticed his original rucksack.

She told Bored Panda that a backpack for a schoolboy in their country would cost 30,000 riel (about €6.80), but his father decided to save some money and make a handmade product for him. Her father’s backpack, woven from raffia remnants. It’s unusual and bright.

Didn’t you know wicker bags are in fashion now?!

After the teacher’s post, the story went viral and went around the media, with several strangers already trying to contact her to send the boy a school bag. But will it have as much soul and love as a bag made by his father.

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