A big ginger cat ended up in a shelter and suddenly spoke to people.

The name of this plump red-haired handsome guy Clancy. For seven years he had lived on the street. Finally, he appeared in a shelter in Oregon and found a long-awaited peace. Shelter staff found many scars on his body, left as a result of cat fights.

In addition, the cat was diagnosed with feline immunodeficiency virus. This shelter was overcrowded and there was no place for new pets, so he was sent to another cat shelter in the city of Sherwood.

There he got sterilized and specialists began to treat him. He took medicine for many infections, then he had his teeth cleaned.

One interesting circumstance soon became clear, the cat was able to talk to people, and he did it in a very original way. Anyone who wants to communicate with him hears the answer in the form of a high, creaky unusual meow and there is a feeling that he really answers the interlocutor.

A volunteer named Heather says that the cat is unique. He stands out with his size, impressive cheeks, and he also has a meow, similar to human speech, and it always matches the intonation to the question. At the same time, he has a very soft and calm disposition, which is rather strange for a street cat and generally adds to his uniqueness and charm.

The video with the talking Clancy became very popular on Facebook and very soon a wonderful woman named Sandy decided to become his owner, ignoring even the fact of his serious illness.

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