A beauty with Down syndrome: the challenges of achieving her dreams

A 22-year-old resident of Venezuela showed the world that Down syndrome can not prevent her from achieving her goals.

She has become a model and actively participates in stylish photo shoots. When we see a beautiful and successful person, we do not think about the efforts that he\she makes to achieve his\her goals.

Only the person him/herself and his/her family know about the total dedication and all the obstacles they have gone through to succeed today.

This is especially true for non-standard people.

Let’s discover together the story of a talented and determined model with Down’s syndrome who is an inspiration to many people all over the world.

The girl was born with Down’s syndrome, but that didn’t stop her from realising her dream.

One of them is to become a professional model. And that is exactly what the Venezuelan woman achieved after years of hard work and motivation to become a catwalk star.

“I really enjoy being photographed and walking the catwalk,” says the girl.

And with the support of her mother, who unconditionally guided her daughter and was always there for her along the way, Jessica’s dream came true.

As a novice model, she actively participates in many castings and competitions.

Our heroine started taking her first steps towards her dream at the age of 14.

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