16 Looks From A Polish Makeup Artist That Show The Imprint Of Cartoons On Her Body

Who is a fan of cartoons, raise your hand! And who, as a child, was madly in love with painting himself from head to toe under the table with everything he could while his mother was not looking? Then you are definitely not mistaken by clicking on this post. A girl from Poland breaks the stereotypes that you can’t draw on the body, and cartoons are only for children! Natalia from Poland shares her work on her Instagram page*, where she does not only impeccable make-up and hair, but also depicts detailed pictures from sensational cartoons on her body. Each of her new carefully selected images for the next animated picture will not leave you without impressions, that’s for sure!

Beauty and the Beast


Looking at these photos, it’s scary to think how much effort and time it takes to prepare just one image.

SpongeBob SquarePants

Peter Pan

Under each of her Instagram posts, the make-up artist makes a list of beauty products that she used to create this masterpiece for her followers.



Natalia also records short videos where she shows in fast motion the process of creating another work or how she gets rid of the gorgeous paintings on her body. The removal is among the worst nightmares for fans of her work.


The Lion King

The Little Mermaid

Just look at the scale of the work, which is accurately drawn from cartoon frames known to every child!







Snow White

Cartoons are not the only inspiration for the girl, her imagery covers a variety of subjects: films, TV series, superheroes, computer games and more.

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