12 looks from a make-up artist who masterfully transforms himself into a variety of celebrities with make-up

We’ve seen more than once that make-up can literally turn you into a different person. And here’s more proof: professional make-up artist Aurelio Sanchez puts on make-up and instantly transforms himself into a celebrity. Aurelio has more than 80 thousand followers on his Instagram, watching his transformation into Lady Gaga and Michael Jackson, and 675 thousand people in TikTok are following him! The makeup artist calls himself an illusionist, and looking at his magical transformations, you know, there is some truth in it. Check it out!

This is what Aurelio looks like in real life

Make-up artist as Amy Winehouse

Britney Spears

Lady Gaga

This transformation was called impressive by the followers and even asked Aurelio if there was anyone he couldn’t transform into.


Ariana Grande

How is it possible that you look even more like the real Ariana than she does?!

Marilyn Monroe


Liza Minnelli

Mariah Carey

Mariah is one of the make-up artist’s main inspirations, and it is her look that he chooses most often.

Michael Jackson

The actress Betty White

Gloria Trevi, Mexican singer

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