“What this 80-year-old woman did on stage left everyone speechless! I still can’t believe what I saw…”

“When the modest elderly lady and her instructor took the stage for their performance, everyone in the audience was wary of what to expect. But no contestant on Britain’s Got Talent could have predicted what they were about to witness. 80-year-old Paddy Jones and her dance partner Nico stunned the world with their captivating ballroom dancing.”

“At first, people thought their performance was a joke. Judge David Walliams made a few jokes at their expense, and Simon even hit the buzzer as a sign of disapproval. But all of that was before their real dance began. And when it did… wow!”

Paddy and Nico received a well-deserved ovation for their impeccable and fiery salsa, and judge Amanda Holden even pressed the golden buzzer to send them to the semifinals. Paddy is also a current Guinness World Record holder as the “Oldest Acrobatic Salsa Dancer”.

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