UK’s youngest mum gives birth aged 12, family unaware of pregnancy

A girl who gave birth aged 11 is believed to be the UK’s youngest mother whose family was unaware she was pregnant, according to reports.

The girl, who was 10 when she became pregnant, gave birth earlier this month and both mother and baby are in good health, according to the Sun.

Social services are currently investigating the circumstances surrounding the pregnancy and are speaking to her family, who were unaware of the pregnancy, the newspaper added.

A source told The Sun: “It was a big shock. She is now surrounded by experts. The main thing is that she and the baby are okay.

“We wonder why people didn’t know about it. This is very worrying.

The former youngest mother is believed to be Tressa Middleton, who gave birth in 2006, at the age of 12, but was forced to abandon the child after confessing that the father was her brother, who had raped her .

The record for youngest parents is held by a father aged 13 and a mother aged 12, who had a child in 2014.

Puberty normally begins around age 11 for girls, but it can extend from ages 8 to 14, with weight playing a role in this.

The risk of problems is higher when younger children are pregnant, including premature birth, infections and pre-eclampsia.

In 2017, another girl gave birth at the age of 11 in the UK, but no further details have been revealed.

Tressa, pictured with her second child Arihanna has spoken about how happy she is after problems with her first baby.

The world’s youngest mother was a Peruvian woman named Lina Media, who was just five years and seven months old when she gave birth in May 1939 to a boy named Gerardo.

Her parents thought she had a tumor, but when she was taken to hospital it was discovered she was seven months pregnant.

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