This little 5-year-old angel surprised the jury with her voice, but all eyes were on her feet. VIDEO

This young angel, who is just 5 years old, amazed the judges with her vocal talents, but it was her footwork that caught everyone’s attention. Watch the video:

Joy Jerkins, a 5-year-old, came to the American talent show to perform a song from the animated movie “Frozen.” Her voice surprised the jury, and what’s more, the little one turned her performance into a theatrical showcase, embellishing it with her charisma and interesting footwork.

The child’s primary coach is her father, American songwriter, composer, and producer Rodney Erkin, who has worked with many stars, including Whitney Houston and Beyoncé.

With such a parent, it was impossible to let her talent go unnoticed, and we will certainly see more of her.

Meet Heavenly Joy, or “Hev” as her aunt calls her. She is only five years old, but she amazed the judges of America’s Got Talent with her incredible performance of “In Summer” from Frozen. Her voice is incredible, and she also does tap dancing! But the best part? Her attitude!

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