This girl sings an Andrea Bocelli hit and makes the judges cry… She had only sung one line before two chairs turned around.

This girl’s singing of the Andrea Bocelli hit brought the judges to tears… After singing just one line, the two chairs turned around.


Ukrainian singer Solomia Lukyanets started her musical journey early. The rising star has been singing since the age of three, bringing with her a wealth of experience and a personal passion for opera. Here, Solomia from Kyiv performs Andrea Bocelli’s classic “Say Goodbye” with such perfection that the audience and judges were completely stunned.

This fourteen-year-old soprano began this iconic song in Italian, but as soon as she switched to English, the entire panel was in awe of her voice. She had only sung one line before two chairs turned around, and it didn’t take long for Solomia to prove herself to all of us. Her flawless performance brought tears to judge Lena’s eyes.

The Voice Kids Germany has discovered a talent that exceeds all expectations for a fourteen-year-old. It’s a performance that convinced all the judges to compete for her support, and it will leave a lasting impression on everyone who hears it. Touching, filled with emotion, and true to the original, Solomia Lukyanets’ rendition of “Say Goodbye” is breathtaking.

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