This child became world-famous for her plump lips: see how she looks today

This child became famous all over the world for her plump lips: see what she looks like today.


Baby Caddy Joan Walton has already made a name for herself on the internet, and not without the help of her mum. Her mum has set up an Instagram account for her baby girl so the world can see how cute she is.

Nowadays, Caddy is hardly aware of the beauty that nature has bestowed on her, but the same cannot be said for the Internet users, as every day more and more enthusiastic comments are posted under her photo. Why is everyone so interested in this girl? Just look at her photos and everything falls into place, thanks to her luscious lips.
Their impressive shape and volume make her look like a doll. This gorgeous baby’s Instagram account is run by her mother, Ida Jaffoon.

She says that every day she has to answer numerous questions from her followers who admire Caddy’s looks.
Caddy inherited her unusual looks from her mother, who has spectacular lips herself.
“No, my daughter does not have a birth defect”, she wrote in one of her posts.

“Yes, her mouth closes when she wants it to. No, I haven’t done anything to Caddy’s lips, her lips are natural and so is her hair. I don’t use artificial hair and I don’t brush her hair to make it look more voluminous”.

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