This baby was mocked in childhood for her unique appearance. Learn how she lives today.

In the Indian family of Rajesh and Hemaxi, 20 years ago, a daughter was born, her name was Ganatra.

She was very different from all the other children born in India.

The fact is that the girl had fair skin, red hair and green-blue eyes.

At the young age of two, skin lesions manifested on the girl’s face.

Not comprehending the situation with the child, the parents sought medical attention, but it was determined that the child’s freckles were normal.

Ganatra’s distinctive appearance, uncommon in India, subjected her to consistent ridicule and teasing at school, with peers labeling her unattractive.

The girl felt deeply wounded by her peers’ words, causing her to experience feelings of shame.

It is worth noting that her birth was something of a mystery to many in Mumbai.

Overcoming her difficulties with low self-esteem was a significant struggle for the girl, but she ultimately succeeded.

Ganatra has embraced herself, and now possesses a dependable sense of confidence, only wishing that she hadn’t been concerned with the opinions of others for so long.

Of course, the parents and relatives suggested they take a DNA test to confirm their relationship, but Rajesh and Hemaxi are confident that they don’t need analysis because they’re certain the child is theirs.

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