The stylist transformed a homeless woman into a beautiful doll.

The stylist worked her magic and turned an impoverished woman into a stunning doll.


This woman did not have a roof over her head. She looked like this before she came to this stylist named Shafag Novruzova.

She was left without a home, looked very bad, and no one took her to work. She had to earn money in different places.

Shafag decided to take it seriously and first of all took her to the dentist. She had teeth made, and then she was waiting for the reincarnation of the beautician.

Nobody canceled manicures and pedicures. The woman seemed to bloom before their eyes, while stylists and cosmetologists worked on her.

They made the woman beautiful eyebrows. The masks had their effect, and the woman’s face literally shone.

And that’s what did with the woman’s makeup! She’s become unrecognizable. How is that possible? Just yesterday she couldn’t even look in the mirror because she didn’t have one. And today she’s sitting at the make-up artist’s house.

They even made her hair long. She reincarnated and did not recognize herself. Shafag tried to make the woman believe in herself again. And she did it!

It’s just incredible, isn’t it?

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