Thanks to her sister’s dream, she wins a large sum of money in the lottery.

She wins a large sum of money in the lottery thanks to her sister’s dream.


Many people like to try their luck at gambling. There are those who constantly watch the numbers, invest, count and wait patiently to be among the lucky ones, and there are those who, on the contrary, try their luck from time to time without much hope.

For the latter, however, the chances of winning are not necessarily less. After all, as we all know, luck is random and you never know which door it will knock on. The woman in the story knows this very well: thanks to an incredible set of circumstances, she managed to bring luck home with her.

The story takes place in Cockeysville, a small town in Maryland, where a 68-year-old retiree decided to try her luck at the numbers game. It all started with a hunch from her sister, who told her about a scene that was as simple as it was important.

It wasn’t a lot of money, but it did bring a smile to both women’s faces, especially as the ticket she gave away cost only 50 cents.

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