She is amazing… Nobel, 71 years old, has won the hearts of the viewers, her performance is simply breathtaking.

Marianne Nobel performs “I’m Sorry” and “Back to Black.”

With her powerful voice, direct mannerisms, leopard jacket, and black boots, 71-year-old Marianne Nobel captured the hearts of viewers when she took center stage for her blind audition on “The Voice Senior.”

For her blind audition on The Voice Senior, Marianne chose to sing Amy Winehouse’s mega-hit from 2006, “Back to Black,” the record that catapulted Winehouse into the mainstream, irreversibly changing her life and turning her into an international superstar.

“Back to Black” is not an easy song to sing, but it was no challenge for the 71-year-old singer who impressed all four judges, sending her through to the next rounds.

That’s when Marianne delighted everyone by choosing to sing Brenda Lee’s 1960 hit, “I’m Sorry,” and nothing could have made us happier. “I’m Sorry” is still considered Lee’s signature song and one of the most beautiful melodies in the teenage pop genre.

Marianne Noble did justice to the song. With her soaring voice and a stage presence that exudes warmth, the 71-year-old singer connected with the audience and brought tears to more than one judge’s eyes. Our only complaint is that her performance didn’t last long enough, but that’s why YouTube invented the replay button. Enjoy!

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