See if you can identify the error in this image! Only 5% of individuals can!

A vintage illustration has been circulating the Internet, challenging observers to discover a significant error.

If you think you have the skills to become a puzzle master, get ready and take on the viral challenges we have prepared for you.

In today’s assessments, you will need to use your vision and logical reasoning to discern what is wrong in the following images.

In the initial graphic, we see a diligent man carrying tiles up a ladder.

You will also see a red sign and green trees in the background. But where is the error?

Something about this image is seriously wrong, and it certainly wouldn’t work well in reality.

Although we won’t reveal the answer yet, we can give a hint by saying that there is nothing wrong with the sign or the man in the image.

Take a closer look at the structure and you might just find it!

Have you identified the error? Turns out the whole roof thing is a huge mistake.

The tiles are always arranged from the bottom to the top of the roof.

If the top tiles do not overlap those below, water would seep in!

How long did it take you to identify the error?

It looks like the worker will have to remove all the tiles and start again.

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