Scientists say letting a dog into your bed is good for your health

But new research has shown that sleeping together has a positive effect on a person’s health. A total of 962 women were selected for the study. They were interviewed about their sleeping habits.

More than half – 57% – had slept with their partner or child, another 55% had slept with a dog and 31% of those surveyed had slept with a cat. The authors of the experiment then asked those surveyed to observe their sleep. Single dog owners turned out to be the best sleepers.

There is even a rather constructive scientific explanation for this. It turns out that canine and human biological rhythms are similar. Therefore, humans and their four-legged friends need the same amount of time to sleep.

Sleeping together with a dog also feels safer. Consequently, the brain is better relaxed and the emotional comfort of the already awake person is strengthened.

And dogs don’t kick or snore in their sleep, the only exceptions are breeds with deformed muzzles. So they can’t accidentally wake up their owner or cause serious discomfort while sleeping.

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