The school bus driver brought the children to McDonald’s and bought them all breakfast at his own expense.


A school bus driver was transporting children to school in the American city of Montevallo when he received a late notice that classes had been canceled. The reason was a phenomenon known as “black ice,” which is when a road appears to be in good condition, but it can be covered with a barely visible layer of ice. It was risky to drive the children back home on such a road.

The driver, Wayne Price, thought of ways to entertain the 50 children who sat on the bus. He could have parked somewhere for two hours and waited for the ice to melt. But then the kids would have been playing on their phones the whole time. The driver decided to stop at a nearby McDonald’s because the kids were without their school breakfast. The driver treated all the little passengers to cookies, which he bought with his own money.

The administration at Montevallo Elementary School posted about the incident on the school’s Facebook page and thanked the driver for taking care of the students.

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