Photos of this young woman have sparked discussion on social media. Internet users are discussing her unusual legs

Most people believe that a beautiful woman should have a thin waist.

But it should be noted that there are plus size models that are in high demand. And the Heroine of this story wants to prove that every woman should be proud of her appearance, such as it is.

Crystal is the most ordinary woman, but she is overweight.

By posting her pictures on social networks, she became very popular on the Internet.

The images of this young woman have sparked a debate on the Internet, with Internet users especially discussing her unusual legs.

The girl dresses as she pleases and is completely unconcerned about her weight and has no lack of self-confidence.

Crystal has a large collection of outfits in different styles and colors that she is always renovating. The young woman boldly poses in miniskirts, shorts and bikinis.

And it was her open legs that made her popular. Now, she has almost 243k followers on Instagram.

Many Internet users think that her legs are weird and ugly and that it is better to hide them.

But her fans realize that she has a natural beauty that cannot be hidden.

The photos of this young woman have caused a debate on social networks: Internet users are discussing her unusual legs.

Crystal does not pay attention to malicious comments. She believes that beauty should not be framed, but always liberating and boundless.

And she pleases her fans with new photos.

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