Perception test: the owner of the camel is hidden in the image, find him in 20 seconds!

Anyone looking at the image for the first time thinks that the challenge must be extremely simple, since there are few elements in the drawing, but that’s where they are wrong!

Many people enjoy taking tests on social media, or even take the challenge personally. This feeling of competition drives them to spend hours searching for new images with increasingly difficult resolutions and sharing their results on the Internet.

The challenges are considered great for those who like to relax their minds while working on parts of the brain, such as concentration, perception and agility. Challenges appear more frequently these days because the Internet offers us an endless collection, most of which are free.

In today’s challenge, many participants reported that the solution is practically impossible, but at first they thought otherwise, because when you first look at the drawing, the number of elements tells you that the answer is right there. within your reach, man, since there’s almost nothing in the photo.

The challenge here today is quite simple: in this image, in addition to the camel, its owner is also present. You have 20 seconds to find it! Just start the timer and dedicate yourself to making time pass faster in your life. Remember, visual challenges may seem complicated, but they can be completely solved.

Many users indicate that the best way to get the answer is to try to be as meticulous as possible, while exercising your agility, as 20 seconds pass quickly. The character has already visited several countries, such as Spain, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico and even the United States, but few of them have reached a response on time.

Remember to try to look at the figure from all angles, as you need a broad perspective to get a good result. Another thing we can say is that tests are often considered difficult or “traps” because they challenge the reader to push their beliefs and limits as far as possible.

When asked to find the “camel owner”, many say they expect the silhouette of a man completely covered, as if he were dressed to walk in the desert, but this is not always what they see. ‘you have to search. Let’s get to the answer?


Did you manage to achieve the expected result? Have you seen that we shouldn’t necessarily pursue the stereotypical images we create in our heads? In this figure, what to look for is the silhouette of a very well defined face, in profile, with the mustache, nose and eyes drawn in the background of the figure.

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