Only genuises can find the Only differnce in the two images

Visual challenges are capturing the attention of thousands of people on Facebook and other social networks.

Therefore, we present you a new challenge that is among the most complicated to overcome in a time limit of seconds. You are ready?

In this new visual exercise you must demand the maximum of each of your skills. The reason? You must find each of the differences in the bird and fish within a time limit of seconds. We wish you good luck!

Visual challenge: Find the 3 differences
Next, try to find the 3 differences in a time limit of 7 seconds, only then will you show that you have a high level of intelligence and can solve problems at any time of the day.

Test your skills in this challenge.
Know the 3 differences in this challenge
If you don’t succeed, here we will leave you the image pointing out each of the differences so that you can continue your life normally and challenge your friends or family in the shortest time possible.

The solution. One leaf is missing.

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