Only 5%of people can find the 5 differences between the couple: you have 7 seconds to overcome the VISUAL CHALLENGE

Avoid boredom and improve your skills by trying to overcome one of the most extreme visual challenges shared on Diario Líbero’s social networks.

Do you dare to participate? This image is one of the most popular mental exercises.Be careful, we are not exaggerating.

The majority of users on the main digital platforms described the challenge as a ‘nightmare’.

Even only 5% of people were successful when trying to overcome this viral exercise.

Solution to the visual challenge
In case you have achieved it, you deserve our congratulations for your great effort. But if the opposite happened, don’t worry and keep practicing.

Meanwhile, we show you the answers that we enclose in blue and red circles.
Do you dare to do another visual challenge?
Whether you want a second chance or are ready to continue testing yourself, we bring you another exercise that you must solve in just 5 seconds. The mission? Identify 3 differences in the image.

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