Mysterious copper-colored metal object: Do you remember what this object is?

The picture below shows a mysterious copper-colored metal object. It looks like it could be used to open a bottle or it could even be a special key. However, neither of these uses is true.
No, this mysterious object is actually a sliding tool. It was used to adjust old-fashioned roller skates. When we say old-fashioned, we mean exactly that! We are talking about the metal skates that people used before 1970. They were actually just  pieces of metal with four wheels and straps that were attached to regular shoes.
What were skates used for?
The skate tool was used to fit the skates to the user’s foot. It was possible to adjust the length and width of the skate. When skating, most people wore the tool around their neck to avoid losing it. In addition, it was usually hung in the bedroom.
As we know, metal skates were eventually replaced with the boot-like skates we know today. The old metal skates wear out pretty quickly, and the boots deteriorate even faster. However, some companies are making new versions of these old skates that attach to regular boots. This makes them more portable and they can be carried around with you.

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