Russian artist Tanya Lissova creates tiny paper flower bouquets that are incredibly realistic despite their small size.

Tanya has a background in architecture and is originally from Tyumen. “I became interested in paper art in 2016, and since then it has become my life’s work,” the artist explained.

The artist cuts out the miniature flowers with very small, thin scissors, achieving intricate shapes. She then glues together multiple pieces.

The artworks are astonishing in their level of detail. Upon closer inspection, one can see that the artist alternates colors, giving the creations the appearance of volume. Thanks to this technique, the plants look even more realistic.

The artist creates peonies, daisies, chamomiles, sunflowers, dill, and chrysanthemums. In addition to flowers in pots, she also cuts out cacti, palm trees, and fig trees. The finished plants are then glued onto greeting cards, collages, and photo frames.

In the composition “Envelope Full of Wildflowers”, Tanya found an alternative to pots. She glued the unique flowers to the edge of an open envelope. The impression is created that the flowers are “growing” out of it.

In addition to individual miniature bouquets, Tanya creates small paintings depicting rooms adorned with tiny paper plants. She sells her miniature works in her online store.

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