Meet one of the world’s most beautiful and unique albinos: She has multicolored eyes.

Amina has an extremely rare form of heterochromia, which means that her eyes are different colors, and she is only 11 years old. Her hair is also slightly different.

Part of her hair is snow white, the other part is auburn. The same goes for her eyes. One is an incredibly beautiful sky-blue color, the other is brown.
Even her skin is not white, like an albino. Her eyelashes are chalky white. Many social media users are constantly complimenting a young girl for her unusual beauty.
Currently, Amina does not have a social media page where she could share information about herself and show her latest photos. However, her so-called fans or admirers do it for her.

Since childhood, the girl’s parents have tried to force their daughter to accept herself as she is. They let her know that her appearance is unique, unusual and, in fact, incredibly beautiful.

The girl still has no idea who she will be in the future and what her profession will be. However, there are many predictions that she will be a model, or even a world-class model.

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