Like the family picnic, there is a hidden date: only 1% find it in 7 seconds

Having the ability to solve logical problems or visual puzzles is a skill that can only be developed with constant testing of challenges and intelligence games. On social networks, many users like to entertain themselves in this way, devoting a few minutes of their day to solving mental tests and puzzles. Today we offer you the image of a family having a picnic. Somewhere hidden in the photo is a date: only 1% of people find it in 7 seconds. Are you capable of it? Test your skills.

Look closely at the image and try to spot the date hidden somewhere. The time you have is only 7 seconds. A well-trained mind will be able to arrive at the solution of the test, but if it is the first time you try a game of this type, it will be almost impossible. Also because the deadline must be respected.

Intelligence games and visual challenges are increasingly sought after and requested by Internet users. They represent a fun and enjoyable pastime to entertain yourself and at the same time a way to stimulate your brain activity.

We can give you a little tip: the date you need to find is broken down into two parts. In fact, there is the number positioned in one point and the month, written in English, in another. After this clue, will you manage to find it?

If you have made it this far and want to know the solution to the challenge, we

let’s show the hidden date below.

The hidden date was July 4. As you can see, the number 4 was positioned behind the man preparing the burgers, while the month of July was located just above the campsite tent.

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