Like brothers: the incredible friendship between a foster boy and a dog has captivated the internet

A Labrador called Reagan was overjoyed when a little boy called Buddy, adopted by its owner Kari Lewis, came into the house.
The dog and child became friends at 11 months old and have been inseparable ever since.

Friends grew up together, explored the world, celebrated parties, tried new things and even got into trouble.
After all these years, Buddy and Reagan are no longer just friends, but real brothers who love spending time together.

They see each other every day, and yet the dog and boy are always happy when they meet in the morning.
The bond between them was obvious at once. Reagan obviously knew that Buddy desperately needed a furry friend to help him integrate into his foster family.

The Lewis family recently had a new baby — a little girl called Quinn. And with her comes another dog, so the little girl has a furry childhood friend, just like her big brother.

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